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1. Display notes

(1) The background color of thumbnails is normally gray. However, it is black when you limit the display to only images checked using the function from the [View] menu. If no images are displayed in a folder that you're sure contains images, check the background color.

(2) The file names of shots taken with settings such as Color Matrix: 4 and Color Space: Adobe RGB will be preceded by an underscore [ _ ]. Thumbnails view is sorted by file name, however, so if you are shooting while switching the Color Matrix, the thumbnail display order will be different from the order of shooting.

(3) TIFF and JPEG images with the same name saved in the same folder will be treated as a single TIFF image. Thus, JPEG images are not displayed, and if you delete the TIFF image, the JPEG image will be deleted with it. If you save TIFF and JPEG images in the same folder, be sure to distinguish them with different file names.

(4) When an image is selected, [Cut], [Copy], and [Paste] in the [Edit] menu are displayed, but these commands cannot be performed on the image.

2. Communicating with a camera

EOS Viewer Utility cannot access the camera during communication with other software. In this case, launch EOS Viewer Utility after the software finishes communicating with the camera.

3. Rotating images simultaneously saved in RAW and JPEG format, flash slideshow

Images saved in RAW and JPEG format are treated as separate image by software other than EOS Viewer Utility. As a result, if you rotate the RAW image and the JPEG image at different angles in other software, you may not be able to display the images at the correct angles of rotation in EOS Viewer Utility. In this case, use the software that was originally used for image rotation to restore the RAW and JPEG images to the same rotation angles. This will enable correct display in EOS Viewer Utility.

4. Connecting the camera

No communication with the camera is possible when the LCD monitor is on. Be sure to turn off the camera's LCD monitor before connecting the camera to your computer.

5. Using the EOS-1D

The shutter speed time information recorded in an image is not accurate for extended exposures of 100 or more minutes.

6. Windows 98SE notes

For more stable operation, we recommend that users connecting a camera with an IEEE1394 interface to a computer running Windows 98SE download and install the following update program from the Microsoft website. Page Flip

7. Saving TIFF files (16-bits/channel or 16-bits/channel linear)

Images saved in TIFF format (16 bits/channel or 16 bits/channel linear) are not displayed correctly in Thumbnails view in Windows Explorer.

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